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Great Destinations • Good Food • Premier Accommodations
Unforgettable Memories • New Friends

There is so much to think about when you travel:  Where to stay? Where to eat? How to travel? Getting tickets. Exchanging money. Following directions. Getting there on time…… It’s endless!
Well, say “good bye” to all those hassles.  You’re in good hands with Prime of Life Travel. Just sit back and relax and let someone else handle all the arrangements for you. As they say in Australia, “no worries mate”. Prime of Life travel takes care of all the details for you. Travel Coordinator, Faye Kirchner, plans each trip as if she was going herself, because, chances are…she is! Faye accompanies you on most trips to ensure all goes as planned. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide what to pack.

We have the same goal for every trip we take, whether it’s a week in Europe or a day-trip to Baltimore: we want you to rave about your excursion to your friends and family. Join us on one of our upcoming spectacular trips! You’ll soon become one of Faye’s many “repeat travelers”.